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Current Franchisee Opportunities

Hit the ground running by investing in an existing Rugbytots franchise

Invest in an existing franchise AND HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!

While the majority of Rugbytots franchisees will purchase a brand new area, existing franchise areas occasionally become available for resale.

Investing in an existing franchise has a range of benefits, some of which are shown below.

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Invest in an existing franchise

RUGBYTOTS franchises available now

  • Angus and Broughton Ferry
  • Banbury & Chipping Norton
  • Bristol
  • Carmarthenshire
  • Cheltenham and Gloucester
  • East Dorset
  • Flyde Coast
  • Northampton, Rushden, Kettering
  • Nantwich, Sandbach, Whitchurch
  • Plymouth
  • Sheffield and Rotherham
  • Stevenage and Cheshunt
Rugbytots franchises available now

Benefits of investing in an existing Rugbytots franchise

Customers and income

You will be taking on a business which is fully operational with a set number of classes running and children already attending. This means that you’ll start receiving income as soon as you take over. It will also allow you time to focus on maximising current venues and planning growth in your new area.


One of the main challenges of running a franchise is finding great coaches to deliver your classes. By purchasing an existing franchise, you will already have a team of coaches in place who have already gone through our rigorous internal training programme.


Another challenge as a Rugbytots franchisee is finding suitable venues for your classes. But by investing in an existing franchise, a range of existing venues will be available for your immediate use.

Kit and equipment

Purchasing an existing franchise will mean that you will inherit the existing business’s kit and equipment for use in the classes. This will mean that you will not need to purchase additional kit at the outset, and can instead use the kit included within the franchise cost to start new venues.

Reputation and connections

We ensure that all of our franchisees are operating to the highest possible standard, so you can be sure that the existing business will come with an excellent reputation.It is also highly likely that previous franchisee will have developed relationships with local schools and nurseries, which you will be able to utilise and build on.

Training and support

While you will receive the same training as a new franchisee, we will spend additional time with you to ensure a smooth transfer and that you're happy with everything.You will also receive exactly the same free and unlimited level of support as a new franchisee. As testament to the support we provide, we’ve received a 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award five years running.